Related MA dissertations

This is a sample of recent MA-level research that has involved corpora:

Supervised by Sophia Skoufaki:

Alharthi, Sultan A.H. (2011) The use of adjective-noun collocations in the writing of advanced Arabic-speaking learners of English
Al Fotais, Ahmad A.M. (2012) Investigating Textbook Input as a Factor Contributing to Vocabulary Knowledge Failure among Saudi EFL Learners at Taif University
Al-Hawamdeh, Areej M.M. (2012) An analysis of the Academic Vocabulary presented in Headway plus course book and an evaluation of its effectiveness in preparing students for their university study  (co-supervised with Helen Emery)
Chen, Bin Ju (2012) Discourse markers (DMs) in the scripted dialogues in English textbooks and teachers’ view about their place in the English classroom in Taiwan (co-supervised with Nigel Harwood)
Ikeda, Hikaru (2013) Incongruent collocations in Japanese EFL textbooks
Liu, Y. (2013) Vocabulary activities in Chinese and International English as a Foreign Language (EFL) Beginner-level textbooks
Yamamura, Hiroto (2013) A corpus-based investigation into English phrasal verbs in phrasebooks in Japan.

Supervised by Vineeta Chand:

Yahya Ahmed, Aseel (2015) Lexical Analysis of Natural Speech: Correlates to Late Life Alzheimer’s Decline in a Cross-Sectional Cohort