Corpus Research Collective

The Essex Corpus Collective reflects and supports our interest in corpora as a lens to explore linguistics from multiple analytic perspectives, within the Essex Department of Languages & Linguistics. Our activities involve corpora-focused talks within the Departmental Seminar Series,  PG training in corpus linguistic methods through our Professional Development Seminar, corpus and concordance software training within selected PG modules,  and collaborative activities between researchers and/or students. Most recently, the department hosted an Away Day to discuss data and corpora use in the department, and consider avenues for future data and research collaboration.

Corpus Collective members include:

Roger Hawkins (SLA)

Florence Myles (SLA)

Sophia Skoufaki (Vocabulary)

Sonja Eisenbeiss (child language corpora, corpora involving semi-structured tasks and language games)

Vineeta Chand (World Englishes, Language & Aging)

Doug Arnold (English Grammar)

Louisa Sadler (Arabic Grammar)

Nancy Kula (Bantu Phonology)

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